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Attorneys Serving Minnesota Farmers And Their Families

For many years in the United States, a farm has been one of the most challenging businesses a family can operate. The business, financial, maintenance, environmental and practical factors can be extremely difficult to balance. When you add significant legal complications and costs on top of all that, the difficulty can seem insurmountable.

At Franz Hultgren Evenson, P.A., we are on your side. As a local St. Cloud, Minnesota, law firm, we understand the unique challenges you are facing. Our attorneys bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the practice of agricultural law, combined with a shared commitment to helping farmers like you. We are here to help you.

Standing Alongside Local Farmers

We handle a range of agricultural law issues that include:

  • Finance: Our lawyers can provide helpful counsel and assistance regarding agricultural loans, mediation between borrowers and lenders, real estate leases, equipment leases and other financial matters.
  • Business: We can provide invaluable assistance, helping you handle the business aspects of your farming operation, including business entity selection, contractual matters, permits, zoning issues, property issues, employee issues, vendor issues, business mediation and business litigation.
  • Environmental: Whether you need to bring suit against a supplier for giving you poor feed, defend yourself against those who encroach upon your land or address other environmental factors, we’re prepared to assist you. We handle matters including boundary line disputes, cartways, easement and right of way issues, environmental compliance, land use and adulterated feed.

Whatever your needs, our attorneys are here to help you. Do not try to fight these legal battles alone.

Contact Franz Hultgren Evenson To See How We Can Help

Being a business owner is always a challenge, and that goes double for when you are in charge of a farm. There is always more work to be done. See how our attorneys can help you with your farm today.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney, call 320-200-1267 or contact us online today.